Monday, November 1, 2010


Yes, Death, we know you're there.
We know you all too well.
You're a greedy bastard,
All taking and no giving.
You take everyone away from us,
Leaving only sorrow,
Until you take us too.

We cannot satiate you,
We cannot placate you,
What can we do?

We can laugh. (At you, not with you.)
We can throw a party in your honour,
We can decorate with darkness,
Mock you to your gaunt, hungry face.

We can teach our children
(who are still farthest
from you, yet still have
the most to lose) that yes,
we all die, and you will
take everything from us,
and so, and so, we must
celebrate, we must light
candles against the
darkness, we must laugh
at the horror of it all...

The cold wind blows down the
Mountainsides, and the clouds
Hide the chill moon.

Down here, in Death's Domain,
We laugh, we shout, we share,
We smile in a warm imitation
Of your lipless grin.