Saturday, June 10, 2006

Night Garden

In this dark place of cool night
The leaves shine dully in the moonlight
And the morning never comes
And the cup is never taken

The gnarled trees, the shining leaves
Stand silent, impassive, in the dark
And I find no comfort
And I sweat no blood

The grass gathers glistening dew
The air cools to a sharp edge
And I find I cannot pray
And I find I cannot stand

The crickets make monotonous music
The garden waits for the distant dawn
And I think, "why have you abandoned me?"
And I cannot say, "Your will, not mine"

Or maybe that's not me kneeling

Maybe that's me drowsing over there
With a full belly and a dull mind
Having just promised to never betray

Or is that me coming through the dew
Clutching my paltry silver
Leading the grim silent soldiers?